daily reminders

from by grafted, i am.

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The evidence of longing litters the streets in the cracks of sidewalks. 'Despiration', without the reveletory explanation point. A period, multiplied three times is haunting enough, but it doesn't divide it just annoys. It's just a noise obstructing your sleep. Petition for division. We must be cut asunder. Plead for demolition of toxic carnal blunder. Underneath all that pavement lies an eager redwood anticipating more than just a sliver of sunlight, waiting on something harsh like a record breaking winter to chip away at the surface, to infiltrate and weaken that which suppresses the life underneath. There's life underneath. We're all born waiting on a breakthrough, because there's no substitute for light. We all got our own ideas of what light is until true light enters the room, bursting through, exposing every impostor, dashing them to pieces. For a short while we see things our own way... that'll come to a screeching halt. You'll find there's a whole bunch of dead bodies in the sunflower field but if you plug your nose and don't look down you can still pretend you're walking on dirt mounds and rotting tree trunks. We see what we want to see. Rationalizing incessantly. I drank a glass of denial every morning to appease my need to scream but I still shouted as I dangled from a mile-high ledge, crows pecking at my fingers as if I was already dead- I was. And they were daily reminders. But the ledge I knew, deceived by familiarity I hung there like a spider caught in its own master web, not completely sure if this was prison or just a place I called home. The crows mocked, "You're losing your grip!" but I could yell louder than those birds could squawk, "I got it covered!" A dove appeared and disagreed, and relentlessly offered to carry me to safety. Hallelujah, I gave in. If we only knew how hot the flames were crawling up from the basement we'd do more than just turn on the AC and call it good, but sometimes you got to get eye level with hell to get a better point of view which might just be, "Where's the nearest bucket of water? I'm certain now this is fire and I am burning." Check the bottoms of your shoes, are they sticking to the ground? This fire burns lucid as long as it can but nothing's got more stamina than our own ability to hide from the truth. Dive head first into Living Water, and the flames will scatter like darkness at dawn. I repeat. The fire must relinquish when extinguished when you bury your heart in Living Water.


from grafted, i am., released February 2, 2015



all rights reserved


grafted, i am. Oneonta, New York

four friends, one hope.

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